Together on
The journey
A Supportive Start

Every journey is unique, and we are here to accompany you on yours. When contemplating pregnancy, preparation can be overwhelming—especially if you've already faced challenges along the way. Our Pregnancy Check Quiz is a gentle approach to the topic, providing you with knowledge and support.

A Support in Preparation

After a pregnancy loss, the thought of a new attempt can evoke many emotions. Our quiz is designed to provide you with emotional support and empower you to take control of your health decisions. We offer information and tips on how to start a possible new pregnancy both physically and mentally.

Knowledge for Your Health and Fertility

Health comes first—and that applies to your desire for a child. With our questions, you can self-assess and receive helpful information on topics such as underlying health conditions, vaccination status, and the importance of nutrients like folic acid.

Your Personal Health Partner

Together, we perform the check. Step by step, we guide you through important health aspects, explaining why each detail can be significant for your desire for a child. This way, you feel informed and prepared.

Looking Forward

It's your body, your decision, your future. We understand that every person and every experience is different. These questions are meant to help you feel understood and supported in your situation, looking ahead to the next steps with confidence.

Are you ready to learn more and receive support on your personal journey? Then start the quiz now. All data is, of course, completely anonymous and will not be stored anywhere!