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With our new feature Fertia, our mission is to assist you in achieving pregnancy and maintaining it through digitally supported diagnostics. Fertia Diagnostics will be integrated into the Hope Fertility app in spring 2024.


What is Fertia Diagnostics?

Fertia Diagnostics has been developed by experienced fertility experts. We provide a straightforward, rapid, and targeted evaluation for couples facing challenges in conceiving or experiencing recurrent miscarriages. We adhere to established medical guidelines while tailoring the assessment to your unique circumstances. At Fertia Diagnostics, you will receive personalized support from highly qualified experts in the field of reproductive medicine.

Professor Dr. Ruben Kuon

I am a professor and specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, specializing in gynecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine. I have dedicated many years to caring for couples facing challenges in conceiving at the fertility department of Heidelberg University Hospital. During my tenure as a senior physician, I led the specialist consultation for recurrent miscarriages. My research spans the clinical and scientific realms, focusing on the causes of infertility and miscarriages. I have contributed to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines for couples dealing with these issues. I firmly believe that new care offerings in education, diagnosis, and therapy can truly prioritize the needs and desires of affected couples.

PD Dr. Dr. Kilian Vomstein

I am a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, with a primary focus on the care and treatment of couples experiencing recurrent miscarriages. In addition to providing direct patient care, I am actively engaged in researching the underlying causes of recurrent miscarriages. The synergy of my research and clinical practice allows me to incorporate innovative therapeutic approaches directly into the care of my patients. With personal dedication and a deep understanding of the science, my objective is to provide couples with confidence and medical solutions that support their journey to start and expand their families.

Fertia diagnostics

How does Fertia

diagnostics work?

Personal acquaintance

Our specially designed medical questionnaires encompass various aspects of your health, allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs. This information is crucial for providing you with personalized advice. Please rest assured that each question is thoroughly explained and easy to understand. After completing the questionnaires, you can schedule a medical consultation within the app, which will be conducted via online video consultation.

Medical consultation & individual advice

During the doctor's consultation, we will review your information and discuss its relevance to your desire to have children. We will also outline the subsequent investigations that stem from this information. Additionally, we provide personalized knowledge content, offering medical expertise in clear and understandable language, to ensure that you are well-informed.

Preparation of an individual diagnostic schedule

The diagnostic schedule serves as your personalized roadmap for the various examinations recommended by medical guidelines in your specific case. With the medical report prepared by our team, you can now visit your gynecologist or, if necessary, your general practitioner, to facilitate any pending examinations.

Enter & evaluate the results of your research

You can input the results of these examinations directly into the app. Once they are complete, you can easily schedule your next consultation with your doctor within the app.

Final consultation and individual treatment options

Your doctor will provide a comprehensive explanation of your findings and diagnoses, as well as engage in discussions regarding potential treatment options. You will receive a detailed medical report that encompasses all your results. Based on the findings, further care will be coordinated either by your gynecologist or at a fertility center.

Are you not getting pregnant or have you had miscarriages?

What to
With Fertia
Our services

What do you get with Fertia?

Quick and guideline-based diagnostics

With Fertia, you will receive timely diagnostics and individual treatment recommendations based on the latest medical guidelines. We guarantee short waiting times and are there for you regardless of where you live, always in a personal and trusting atmosphere through our team of fertility experts.

Expertise and experience

Our doctors have many years of experience, have worked in fertility departments of renowned university hospitals for more than 10 years, conducted special consultations for couples with repeated miscarriages, are scientifically active and familiar with the latest studies and developments. They are among the co-authors of medical guidelines on these topics.

Personal support from specialists

Your medical advice is provided exclusively by qualified doctors. After completing the consultation, you will receive a doctor's letter that contains all findings and recommendations. You can hand over a copy of the letter to your treating gynaecologist or gynaecologist.

Support on your fertility journey

We understand the emotional burden of an unfulfilled desire to have children. Fertia stands for a moderate diagnosis that is neither “too little” nor “too much” and accompanies you on a journey that is individually tailored to you and promises the greatest chances of success.

Empowerment and preparation

Our goal is to enable you to understand the causes and treatment options for your desire to have children. If treatment in a fertility center is necessary, Fertia Diagnostics will prepare you ideally.

Comprehensible communication

Fertia stands for providing clear and comprehensible information. We deliberately refrain from using technical jargon and put comprehensible explanation first in order to provide you with the best possible information.

What is not included with Fertia?

We embark on a mission to offer you extensive knowledge for your desire to start a family, to empower you in identifying causes and treatment options, and to deliver a personalized, prompt, and precise diagnosis for infertility and recurrent miscarriages. Our shared objective is a successful pregnancy, ideally through natural means.

Nevertheless, there are situations where seeking assistance from a fertility clinic becomes necessary to achieve pregnancy. We can serve as an ideal and straightforward entry point, easing your apprehensions if the prospect of approaching a fertility center feels daunting at this time.

If an introduction to our colleagues proves beneficial following our consultation, our diagnosis serves as excellent preparation. This allows therapy to commence promptly at your chosen fertility center. You can simply take our Fertia doctor's letter with you to the fertility center, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the next phase.

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You will receive the following services

Medical services in accordance with the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ)

1x 38,75€
Initial consultation: 1x GOÄ 3, 1x GOÄ 70

GOÄ 3: Detailed advice from the doctor via video transmission

GOÄ 70: Preparation or update and, if necessary, electronic transmission of a medication plan

1x 95,90€
Final discussion: 1x GOÄ 34, 1x GOÄ 70, 1x GOÄ 75

GOÄ 34: Discussion of the effects of an illness on lifestyle

GOÄ 70: Preparation or update and, if necessary, electronic transmission of a medication plan

GOÄ 75: Detailed written disease and findings report

Fertia diagnostics service fees
1x 46,05€
Personalized, evidence-based
Fertility information
1x 30, - €
Book a video consultation
1x 50, - €
Fertia dashboard: infrastructure for digital patient care
19% VAT
150, - €
Total gross