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Fertility treatment can be intricate and demanding. Our app simplifies the process for you! Effortlessly organize findings, establish medication plans, and document results with the Hope app.


Set up your medications and appointments and get reminded


Document your results and compare previous treatments.


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Mpore then a cycle tracker

The cycle tracker serves as the central hub of Hope: Here, you can input your cycle data, monitor your fertile days, and access all other Hope features with ease.

You can create your treatment cycle and start it right away, or start it later when your period starts. If you choose a start date from the past, the cycle will be shown as having started since that date.

You can organize your medications by date or cycle days. On days when it is necessary to take it, the medication will be shown below the cycle wheel. After taking it, you can mark it as “taken.” Of course, we'll send you reminders for your medication intake.

You have the option to enter appointments and leave comments about them. Special appointments, such as defrosting, puncture, transfer and pregnancy testing, are shown prominently in the cycle wheel to ensure you always have a clear overview.

You can document treatment results in great detail so that you can access this information later.

You can document your health, set/organize your treatment, change your ovulation day and document your period.