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Simplify the every day work for your staff and enhance the efficiency of your clinic's operations. This will boost the satisfaction and compliance of your patients!

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Save time, treat more!

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Digital support for any procedure, be it IUI, IVF, or ICSI. Hope seamlessly integrates with EHR systems and is fully compatible with MediTEX.

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Utilize our eSignature feature to send contracts and consents to patients and partners, and receive them automatically signed back into your MediTex.

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The Hope system enables quick and secure transmission of treatment results, ensuring no questions are left unanswered.

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Everything you would print, from ultrasound images and invoices to medical letters or lab results, can be securely transmitted to your patient's Hope app.

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Your patients are automatically notified whenever there are changes to the treatment plan, medications, or appointments.

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Medical History
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Anamneses can be digitally imported into MediTEX through the HopeApp in conjunction with the MediTEX Survey.

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We are the team behind Hope

Our team, comprising devoted reproductive health specialists, former patients, and fertility experts, is committed to providing both patients and clinics with innovative and effective solutions in fertility care.

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How to benefit from Hope

Less Calls, more Efficiency

On average, a Nurse makes 2-3 calls per patient for each treatment, with each call lasting about 10 minutes, irrespective of the treatment type. For 1000 treatments, this could add up to as much as 500 hours. However, these calls could be shortened to just 2-5 minutes or potentially eliminated entirely

No more scanning

Every piece of paperwork your patients provide or complete — including contracts, consent forms, pre-diagnoses, and referrals — necessitates scanning and organizing by your staff. This procedure consumes resources that could be more productively utilized elsewhere.

Less printing

Our system allows for the swift and safe transfer of all typically printed documents from MedITEX to the Hope app, removing the necessity for printing in your clinic. Typically, a clinic goes through about 60,000 sheets of paper and 60-80 printer cartridges annually. Adopting this method is not only financially savvy but also supports environmental sustainability.

MedITEX & Hope

How does it work?

As an exclusive MedITEX partner, we provide an effortless and complimentary setup of the Hope system, ensuring no disruption to your clinic's operations or financial risks for you. Following a 30-day trial period, you have the freedom to choose whether to continue incorporating Hope into your clinic's workflow.

Set up a demo

We'll demonstrate the app's features and address any outstanding questions you may have.

MedITEX update

MedITEX Support will arrange an update appointment with you.

Start a 30-day trial

Test the functions risk-free yourself or with selected patients.

Establish Hope

Easy and intuitive use of the system from day 1!

Data security is a top priority

Patient data security is paramount to us. The Hope system offers security that exceeds online banking by over four times, and the Hope Applications do not store any data. Encrypted data is relayed through our Frankfurt-based server and promptly deleted after transmission. Even with our advanced security measures and integration of MedITEX's latest interface technology, the REST API, there is no compromise on MedITEX's performance.

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An international leader

Hope - The worldwide fertility treatment app.

The Hope app enjoys widespread popularity among both patients and fertility centers, primarily attributed to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive array of services.


For us, the Hope app epitomizes the perfect means of communication between patients and medical professionals, as well as providing therapeutic support. It seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with a well-rounded approach that caters to the needs of both patients and healthcare providers. Their unwavering dedication to data security, remarkable performance, and seamless integration with the MEDITEX system make them a standard of excellence in their industry.

Michael Schindler

Contact our Sales team in your region!

Anna-Lena Hudalla
COO Hope Applications GmbH
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Andrew Berkley
Director at IVF Solutions
Abdulrahman Al-Kayyali
Theta Consultancy & Business Development
Abdulrahman Al-Kayyali
Healthcare Consultant
MENA Region
Anna-Lena Hudalla
Hope COO
All Regions
Andrew Berkley
Director at IVF Solutions
United Kingdom
University Professor Dr. Michael Sator
Medical Director - Kinderwunsch im Zentrum GmbH

After internal testing, the Hope app completely convinced us. We have digitized all our processes with the Hope system, and every patient in our clinic is connected to the Hope app. This has significantly reduced our organizational workload. But above all, our patients feel better cared for and really appreciate the Hope app.

Professor Georg Griesinger
Director of the University Fertility Center in Lübeck and Manhagen

We chose the Hope app because we are convinced that digitization in the healthcare sector is the key to improved, holistic patient care.

Jakub Dejewski
Chairman at The European Fertility Society

It's my great pleasure to congratulate you for winning the “Best Fertility Application” award. It is a truly amazing job you are doing and your input to the fertility community, to patients and experts equally, is immeasurable.
I hope this award will inspire you to continue excelling in your daily activities, and you will be able to help even more people and achieve even higher goals!

Use reviews

We attach just as much importance to patients' evaluations as to those of our partner clinics. Our goal is a comprehensive, transparent and efficient solution for everyone involved in the fertility treatment process.