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We will support you - if you try to get pregnant, during your fertility treatment and in the event of a miscarriage!

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Breaking the silence: Getting pregnant & miscarriages!

We deeply understand the intense yearning for a child. Whether you're in the process of family planning navigating fertility treatments, or enduring the anguish of a miscarriage - we are here for more than just support: We're here as your dedicated partner throughout this journey. You are not alone!

Couples don't get pregnant after one year
Couples have repeated miscarriages
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Your fertility journey goes digital with Hope

Hope is thoughtfully crafted to support your fertility journey, backed by thorough medical knowledge. We provide clear guidance and tailored assistance to help guide you towards parenthood with compassion and understanding.


Be reminded of medications and appointments.


Document conditions and treatment results


Digitize correspondences
with your clinic


Gather knowledge from our doctors and specialists


We are your Fertility Team

We are a dedicated team of doctors, former patients, and specialists deeply committed to fertility issues. Your profound desire to start a family inspires us, and to make that dream a reality, we go above and beyond in every way we can.

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Fertility Treatment

What we can do for you

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No more paperwork! Get all your medical results, treatment plans, and info directly in your app. No need for waiting and phone calls.

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Your fertility appointments are integrated into the app and automatically updated whenever there's a change!

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We provide you with confidence in using your medications and support you every step of the way.

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Understanding is key to comfort! We provide you with medical information in a clear and comprehensible manner.

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Why isn't it working? We offer personalized diagnostic services tailored just for you - a crucial foundation to a successful treatment!

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There are always unanswered questions. We offer personal medical consultations whenever you need them.

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Connect with your clinic team

Say goodbye to printing, writing, and scanning. With Hope, communication with patients is digital, easy, and secure! No need to call for appointment changes or therapy adjustments - you'll be automatically informed.

Hope for

If your fertility clinic has not yet integrated Hope, you can also save yourself the hassle of paperwork with the Hope app - simply transfer your information to the app and be automatically reminded of everything!

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Getting and staying pregnant

Our mission is to support couples struggling with infertility and those who have gone through miscarriages. With our deep expertise in reproductive medicine, we strive to improve the level of care provided. We offer in-depth support and guidance through these difficult times.

University Professor Dr. Michael Sator
Medical Director - Kinderwunsch im Zentrum GmbH

After internal testing, the Hope app completely convinced us. We have digitized all our processes with the Hope system, and every patient in our clinic is connected to the Hope app. This has significantly reduced our organizational workload. But above all, our patients feel better cared for and really appreciate the Hope app.

Professor Georg Griesinger
Director of the University Fertility Center in Lübeck and Manhagen

We chose the Hope app because we are convinced that digitization in the healthcare sector is the key to improved, holistic patient care.

Jakub Dejewski
Chairman at The European Fertility Society

It's my great pleasure to congratulate you for winning the “Best Fertility Application” award. It is a truly amazing job you are doing and your input to the fertility community, to patients and experts equally, is immeasurable.
I hope this award will inspire you to continue excelling in your daily activities, and you will be able to help even more people and achieve even higher goals!

medical doctor
Dr. Friedrich Gagsteiger
Best Fertility - Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist

The Hope app fits seamlessly into our clinic concept — it is the logical answer to our needs. With their help, we have not only made our processes more efficient and transparent, but also created a holistic treatment experience for our patients.

That's what our Hope users say

We attach just as much importance to patients' evaluations as to those of our partner clinics. Our goal is a comprehensive, transparent and efficient solution for everyone involved in the fertility treatment process.