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We are here to assist you during fertility challenges and miscarriages.

We are Hope

Our mission

Our goal is to make a meaningful impact. Through our app, we provide comprehensive support, covering everything from initial diagnostics to digital therapy management for couples going through fertility treatment.

Why does the Hope app exist?

Children were never up for discussion for my husband and me because we knew for sure that we wanted them when the time was right. But then everything changed. After severe appendicitis and numerous surgeries, it turned out that I could never get pregnant naturally. However, my husband was immediately ready to take on the challenge with me. Without hesitation, he said, 'Then let's get started right away!'

That's how our journey began, and hope was on our side from the start. We had to go through many setbacks, disappointments, and fears. Five ICSI attempts and eleven cryo treatments later, without me becoming pregnant even once, we finally found a specialist who had a solution. We not only followed his treatment advice but also changed clinics.

Our new doctor finally gave us back our confidence. And, in fact, on the first try, I received the redeeming phone call: 'You're pregnant!' Although this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, hope remained alive in us because we knew now that it could work out. Our second attempt was successful, and this time it stuck. Hi, I'm Alina, the founder of the Hope app, a proud mother of two healthy boys, and a long-time fertility patient. So my story began completely differently than planned.

Our son was born, and our happiness knew no bounds. Shortly after his birth, we visited the clinic again to show our doctors what they had been fighting for. Their joy was moving. A year after we became parents for the first time, we wanted to challenge our luck again. And it worked this time too. At just one year and 11 months old, my little son became a big brother.

We endured a total of 9 ICSI treatments and 15 cryo treatments until we finally became a family of four. We did it. I'm often asked, 'How did you persevere?' My advice: 'Summon your inner strength, ignite a flame of hope within yourself, because as long as that fire burns, you can tread this path.' I want to accompany and support you on your journey. This app is my way of expressing gratitude that two small miracles now exist in our family.


What has happened since?

Over the past three years, we've put all our energy into building and creating Hope, and our success proves us right. The app is now available in 178 countries in 7 languages and we accompany couples who struggle with fertility all over the world on their journey.

We have listened to you and have continuously adapted the app to your needs. We are growing together with you and are now accompanying and supporting women and couples all over the world on their journey.

In 2023, we expanded our team and are now supported by specialists in reproductive medicine Prof. Dr. Ruben Kuon and PD Dr. Dr. Kilian Vomstein, as well as by Anna-Lena Hudalla as a FEMtech and Business Development Expert.

Stay tuned, because at the beginning of 2024, we will publish Fertia Diagnostics in the Hope app and expand our knowledge section with medically based articles that will provide you with individual information!

The team

Our motivation

“5 years, 7 ICSI's, 14 cryos, one baby”

My husband and I struggled for five years to achieve and maintain a pregnancy. After enduring three miscarriages and 21 unsuccessful treatments at the fertility clinic, our perseverance finally paid off.

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“We want to support you every step of the way”

Our goal is to offer prompt, high-quality medical care tailored to the unique needs of each couple.

International experience

Drawing from my experience as a gynecologist in clinics across Germany, Austria, and Denmark, I've encountered various healthcare systems. This has given me insight into the distinct challenges faced by couples undergoing fertility treatment.

Innovative treatment concepts

My professional expertise centers on addressing fertility issues and recurrent miscarriages, areas where I have acquired substantial clinical and scientific experience. I am dedicated to discovering personalized solutions for each couple.

Individual guidance and support

Along with our team, I aim to offer comprehensive, empathetic care and support to couples facing pregnancy challenges—from diagnosis through to achieving a successful pregnancy!

"We integrate a contemporary, digital approach with personalized, empathetic assistance."

Supporting couples with infertility on their journey towards a successful pregnancy is my driving passion.

Many years of clinical experience

Over many years, I have attended to couples with diverse infertility issues in the fertility department of Heidelberg University Hospital. I've learned that even seemingly minor factors can have significant impacts. My aim is to provide tailored support to each couple on their journey.

Science and guidelines

With over a decade of research into the causes of infertility and miscarriages, particularly focusing on immunological factors, I am committed to incorporating the latest discoveries into innovative treatment methods. As a co-author of medical guidelines, I play a role in shaping contemporary recommendations in this field.

Personal care — holistic approach

As a senior physician leading the repeated miscarriage consultations at Heidelberg University Hospital, I deeply understand infertility's impact. My priority is offering sensitive, personalized care that holistically meets each couple's unique needs.

My goal is to blend digital innovation with empathetic patient support.

As an expert in company development, I lead strategy and business growth at Hope, with a recent focus on FEMtech. I spearheaded the creation of an app to mitigate psychological stress during pregnancy. Driven by innovation, my aim is to guide couples with infertility towards a successful pregnancy. To enhance medical care, we've developed Fertia Diagnostics. This digitally-enhanced diagnostic tool merges technological innovation with real medical advice, supporting couples on their path to a successful pregnancy.

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Passionate Team

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Urs Preukschat
CTO - Hope Applications Ltd

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Michael Schindler

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Andy Murr
CIO — CriTex GmbH

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Urs Preukschat

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Urs Preukschat

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Urs Preukschat
CTO — Hope Applications GmbH

Full stack & app developer and expert for cross-platform app development

Michael Schindler

My goal is to provide one of the best IVF software solutions in the world.

Andy Murr

Business Development Advisory

Professor Ruben Kuon
Co-CMO Hope Applications

I am a professor and specialist in gynecology and obstetrics with a focus on gynecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine.

PD Dr. Dr. Kilian Vomstein
Co-CMO Hope Applications

Mein beruflicher Schwerpunkt ist der Umgang mit unerfülltem Kinderwunsch und wiederholten Fehlgeburten, in dem ich umfassende klinische und wissenschaftliche Erfahrungen gesammelt habe. Ich strebe danach, für jedes Paar individuelle Lösungen zu finden.