treatment data
from your clinic

With a clinic connection, information regarding your treatment is seamlessly transmitted from the doctor's computer directly to your app, eliminating the need for manual documentation.

Medication & appointments

Medication and appointments are always up to date.

Treatment results

Your treatment results are stored properly.

Direct communication

Any more questions? Use the chat to communicate with your center.

Documents & contracts

With our eSignatures, there's no more paperwork!

Medication and appointments

Our innovative solution ensures that you receive your medication plans and appointments directly on your mobile phone from your fertility clinic. Any changes to your treatment are instantly accessible, keeping you consistently informed and reducing uncertainties. Additionally, we provide reliable reminders for all crucial aspects of your treatment, ensuring you never miss a thing.

Get treatment results instantly

The anxiety of waiting for results can often be the most significant challenge. With the Hope app, this waiting becomes a thing of the past. You will receive all results directly on your phone as soon as they become available in your clinic's system. This eliminates the need to wait for clinic staff to find time to call you.

Direct communication

Our new chat function allows you to receive concise questions and straightforward instructions from your clinic easily and securely. This feature facilitates direct and efficient communication, ensuring that important information reaches you swiftly and safely.

Documents and contracts

The paperwork associated with fertility treatments can often feel overwhelming. Hope streamlines this process: all documents are securely stored, digitally organized, and contracts can be efficiently signed directly within the app. If a signature is missing, it can be easily obtained in just a few minutes. Hope simplifies the administrative aspects, making them more manageable and less stressful.

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